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Childhood Fireplace Memories

Solid Fuel Fireplaces are a happy memory from my childhood I remember as a child of around 6-7 we were living in Mapperley in Nottinghamshire. We did have central heating but it’s the Coal Fire in the best room what we would now call a lounge I remember more. Every night during winter this 1970s stone built fireplace would be roaring away and us as a family seemed to gather around the Fireplace to watch television before we went to bed. I can still remember the feeling of safeness sat there with my sister on a rug just having fun and I think that’s why I love fire it brings back childhood memories for me. There is nothing better than the crackling of wood or the smell of coal and the sight of real flames let alone the warming heat of a real fireplace this feeling cannot be imitated by any gas or electric insert. Unless you have had a real fire you won’t know what I am trying to explain there is just something about fires and people for thousands of years we have been attracted to fires and fireplaces whether for heat or for cooking.
With a resurgence in the sales of solid fuel Fireplaces due mainly to gas price rises I am really pleased we are going back to basics. In winter we do have nights when we switch of the Xbox and surround sound system and just settle on the Settees in our middle room stoke up our Wood burning stove and sit back and cuddle up to our kids read a story or just talk and generally relax, the times we have had our son fall asleep in our arms these moments are priceless and should be memories that our children will never forget. I just hope my kids have the same love of fire that I do and want to install a real fireplace in their homes when they move out. Right I’m off to cut some logs up and get some sticks Happy Fire Lighting.

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