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Fireplace Surround Ideas: Choosing The Right One For Your Home

Fireplaces can truly make a room, a fireplace is a perfect centrepiece or focal point in any room, whether it is a dining room, bedroom or living room. A fireplace is a perfect cosy and comfortable setting to gather friends and family, and with this in mind, you want to make sure that your fireplace is in keeping with the décor of the room and your personal style choice.
Regardless of whether your fireplace is a solid fuel, electric or gas fire, the display, mantel and surround can utterly transform the area, adding much-needed flair, style and design. By framing your fireplace well, you can add character and charm as well as enhance the value of your home.
A fireplace is a stunning feature in any room and is truly versatile, whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary and moderns designs or perhaps antique, rustic and retro finishes. Whether you want your room to be cool, warm, natural, edgy, sophisticated or elegant, fireplace surrounds can create your perfect look whether you’re looking for modern fireplaces or classic fireplaces.
No matter what your style, there is a perfect fireplace surround to suit you. However, it is not just style you need to take into account but the shape and size of the room, the materials you like and the theme of your room.
With a stylish fireplace and surround you can create a beautiful room that matches your personality. To help you find the perfect surrounds for your fireplace, here are our favourite ideas for a fireplace surround; looking at all the different materials you could opt for and how to make them work best in your space.
Here are the top materials and their features, giving you ideas so that you choose the right surround for your fireplace.

Limestone Fireplace SurroundLimestone

Limestone is one of the hottest design trends of the moment, its simplicity, and understated nature has made it an increasingly popular choice for a contemporary fireplace finish.
One of the great things about choosing limestone as a fireplace surround is its versatile nature. For a sleek and minimalistic look, you can choose clean lines and squared edges. For more character and depth, you can find ornate limestone fireplace surrounds with intricate carving and details to give curves and a softness to the display.
Limestone is perfect for creating a designer look for a modern fireplace, and its earthy, natural colours can brighten a room and give a light and airy feel. For more ideas of a limestone mantel and surround click here.

Marble Fireplace SurroundMarble

For a fireplace that makes an impact, choose marble. Marble is bold and can bring a lasting statement to any room. Marble is polished, and glossy finish invokes a feeling of luxury and high quality.
Marble gives a bright and polished look which can completely transform a room with its opulent nature. As well as providing a high-quality appearance, it is also very easy to maintain, making it a worthwhile investment that will last throughout the years.
The beauty of marble comes from its uniqueness as each piece of marble comes with its own graining, seams, and patterns which give character and intrigue. You can find marble in white, cream, granite, beige and even blue hues thanks to the unique nature of the stone and its composition.
When you purchase a marble mantel and surround, you can be sure of a handcrafted finish. With a plain and flat surround, you can embellish with your own features on the mantelpiece such as a stylish clock, framed photographs or a fashionable vase. For more impact, you can find handcrafted engraved stones with columns and decorations to give your marble surround even more decoration. To see more marble fireplace ideas, click here.

Wooden Fireplace SurroundWood

Wood is a popular choice for a fireplace surround because of its versatile nature. You can create a warm and cosy look with deep, rich coloured wood or a contemporary space with light wood. Thanks to the many colour variations in wood, you will be able to find the right wood surround to match other wooden furniture in the room.
Many people like wooden surrounds because wood is a natural element and there is nothing better than bringing the feeling of being outdoors, inside. The natural variation in wood such as the knots, grain patterns and colours give a bespoke finish to your fireplace.
For a sophisticated and stylish centerpiece opt for well-polished, stained and painted wood, if you prefer a more rustic appearance opt for an untreated or just a waxed finish. You can find a selection of wooden fireplace surrounds here.

Cast Iron Fireplace SurroundCast Iron

Nothing gives a room more character than a solid cast iron fireplace surround. Cast iron can invoke images of Victorian or Georgian style, perfect for a period property or for a room full of character charm and antique features.
Cast iron is a great choice for a fireplace surround because of its style and functionality. It can be moulded into a range of different designs so you can find the perfect look for your home. For a really dramatic look, where your fireplace takes centre stage, team a cast iron surround with dark and jewelled coloured tones to create a cosy and luxurious atmosphere. You can find Cast Fireplaces’ choices here.

Fireplace BeamsBeams

If space is at a premium, a floating beam can be a great choice to frame your fireplace and give you useful shelf space to add decoration to a room. Beams are subtle and stylish and completely adaptable, suiting all types of rooms, styles and tastes.
Beams are an excellent choice for being adaptable and easy to remove and install, but often aren’t considered, you can find our selection on beams by clicking here.

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