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Daisy Bedroom Fireplace

The Daisy Combination fireplace is a firm favourite from the Gallery range we sell and is one of our most popular cast irons.
Quite often called by our customers the Daisy Bedroom fireplace because of its small compact size it’s ideal for smaller rooms.
So it is ideal for smaller chimney breasts which do tend to be found in bedrooms but it’s also very popular for dining rooms where our customers decide they would like a focal point for the room but not something too large and the Daisy really fits the bill.
It has a 30″ shelf width which is the smallest in our range so it’s perfect for even the smallest of rooms that’s crying out for a feature fireplace,
it’s perfect in proportion and is a great choice for a bedroom and being available in Black or Highlighted offers two different looks.
It’s a combination fireplace so does come with its own shelf so there is no need for any surround or extra mantel making it very affordable and with prices starting at around £240 you can see why it’s popular.
So if you are searching for a small bedroom fireplace take a look at what Castfireplaces can offer you.

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