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Daisy Highlighted Fireplace is it from B and Q

We sell a small combination fireplace on our website called the Daisy which is available in Black or a Highlighted Finish.
It is made by Gallery but has been dropped from the 2010 brochure but is still available to us as and we will continue to stock it.
Today I have had a phone call from a lady in Redcar enquiring whether we had the Daisy in stock as she had ordered one from B and Q in January but they telephoned her today telling her they are not in stock till May along with their small cast iron hearth.
Now May in my mind is a long way off seeing as we have only just started March that lead time is wrong.
I find it really strange how a huge company like B and Q can run out of such items and what are there re ordering levels like to be without an item from January to May.
The Fireplace they supply is not the Daisy Fireplace and we are not short on stock of them so we have yet another order in the bag and the item on its way to Redcar next week again down to yet another company who cannot supply goods in time for the customer’s needs.
Also today we have had someone order a fireplace from Shropshire and drive to Nottingham to collect it as the one he bought from eBay was missing parts and was not as described.
Beware of cheap items on any auction sites there always cheap for the wrong reasons

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