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Deeper backs for solid fuel use at Castfireplaces

So here at Castfireplaces we sell the full range of Gallery Fireplaces on our website and something we get asked for on quite a few occasions is the Deeper Back.
I always say to customers if you are going to burn coal as your main solid fuel source the standard back has enough area to build a good fire and if you choose to burn logs then the deeper back would be better for you.
The deeper back is a separate item that replaces the standard back attached to the cast iron arched fireplaces it just needs to be bolted on in its place.
They are a couple of inches deeper but they do not taper so steeply so does increase the area for burning solid fuel by quite a lot.
The only downside to these is they add an extra £100 to the solid fuel package price so you need to be sure you are going to burn wood to make it cost effective.
So these will be listed as we revamp our categories and they are in stock ready for our customers to purchase and be delivered along with your new fireplace.
They do not fit all the arched inserts though so we will tell you more once they are added to our website.

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