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Do we Paint Wooden Fireplaces to Customers Colours?

A customer rang me today at the workshop enquiring whether we could paint one of our our wooden fireplace mantels the same colour as the doors and skirting in her room.
It is not something we undertake here at Castfirepaces there are so many shades of paint avaialble these days its impossible to match up unless you use the same batch of paint.
So im afraid the answer is a No we supply our pine mantels either unwaxed ready to paint yourself or waxed in our hand waxed Antique Brown Colour.
They are the only 2 finishes we offer so if you are looking to match up your wooden fireplace with something else you are better to order it unfinished so you can paint or stain it.
All our timber mantels come ready sanded all you need to do is give them a very light rub over with knibbing block or light sandpaper then apply your chosen stain or wax.
If painting we suggest using a knot stopper then a primer followed by two top coats rubbing down in between to get the perfect finish
Its as simple as that so if you do want a fireplace mantel thats not our standard colours just let us know and we can supply it unfinished.

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