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Do you need a room vent for my stove or fireplace

So one of the most things we get asked here at Castfireplaces is to whether certain items require a room vent to make the fireplace or stove work correctly.
This applies to gas and solid fuel fires and is determined by a few factors.
With Gas Fires this is measured on the Heat input of a fire and anything over 7KW requires a room vent so the majority of our gas fries for our fireplaces and baskets are rated at 6.5KW so they do not require additional ventilation.
A few of the larger fire baskets and the tradition arch have gas fires that do require a room vent but if you are unsure give us a call or just look in the instruction booklet that came with the gas fire.
Now then onto stoves this is determined by the Heat output and anything capable of producing more than 5KW requires a vent to external air.
Customer get a little confused and think that clean burn stoves do not require a vent but they are covered by the same law I’m afraid and if they over 5KW they also require a vent.
So if you are unsure as to whether the fireplace or stove you are looking at needs extra ventilation just give us a call and we can check it for you before you order

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