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Dont buy cheap flue liner online

With all things the internet has bargains galore to be found but recently we have come across a few customers having problems with cheap Chimney Lining Kits.
It’s ok getting a bargain but make sure the products you are buying are good quality and in the case of flue it’s essential to get it right.
Changing a liner that has broken down is not an easy job and requires the fireplace or stove being removed, the problem with cheap liner is it’s made from cheaper stainless steel and also it’s very rigid which makes it hard to fit.
This week we have a customer order one of our flue liners as the one he had ordered online snapped as they were fitting it, believe me this is quite normal and our own fitters have told me of cases where it also simply uncoils as they pull it down the chimney.
The flue we supply is all HETAS approved and has long warranty’s and is made by a UK manufacturer and we have sold this for 6 years and never had a single problem, the fitters we use in London and our local areas also use this company as they know what quality flue it is.
The problem with cheap flue is you cannot see when this has been damaged or is leaking which is very dangerous so Castfireplaces advice is to buy a good quality flue and never compromise on price for cheap flue liner you really are asking for trouble.

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