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Eco Logs are they really worth buying

A massive market for solid fuel has opened up again over the last few years which has also seen a large increase in the sales of Eco Logs they seem to be sold at every corner shop and garage you visit.
Now I love fire and I’m even happy splitting logs for our winter fuel so buying fake logs does not really interest me to be fair they don’t look very nice but a lot of our customers swear by them.
They are primarily designed for use in Woodburning or Multi Fuel Stoves it just looks really odd burning away a perfectly formed mass of compressed wood.
I have tried many different designs over the years and to be fair some were really good and one brand they seemed to burn hotter than coal if that’s possible.
I have tried quite a few in our Inset Stove last winter which is wood burning only but to be fair I always return to the traditional split log.
Call me old fashioned I like to see the firebasket brimming with real wood logs and I also enjoy the crackling and spitting noise when burning a real log.
I understand the green side of burning compressed waste wood but it’s not for me I’m afraid I like real logs and that’s what I intend to burn, I would like to hear customers reviews of which eco logs they have burnt and what they think of them.

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