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Electric Fire Ideas

Electric fires are quickly becoming a popular choice for homes. While people have traditionally chosen gas fireplaces instead of electric fires, electric fireplaces have seen a resurgence thanks to the number of stylish designs available. As well as there being a great deal of choice available, making choosing an electric fire for your home difficult, there are many benefits to enjoy with electric fires.
As well as style and a vast variety of electric fire ideas to suit any room and any home, electric fires are incredibly convenient. They are 100% energy efficient, with no heat being lost up a chimney. Furthermore, they are a relatively cheap fireplace option and have minimal installation or servicing. Simply plug in and enjoy the warmth and the glow of a realistic fire.

Types of Electric Fires

There are many different types of electric fires, with lots of different styles and designs. When you are choosing an electric fire, you will have the choice between these three main categories;

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves give you the appearance of a real fire in a stove unit, but without the maintenance, cleaning and need for a chimney. An electric stove is perfect for creating a cosy feel and is ideal for traditional, country and farmhouse décor. Stoves can be freestanding, meaning you can position them wherever suits, as long as there is a power supply. Electric stoves can also be part of a suite. With a gentle flickering light, electric stoves can create the heat and aesthetics of a roaring log fire.

Inset electric fires

Inset fires work by using the cavity of an existing fireplace in the home. The inset electric fires are typically used to fit in a standard fireplace cavity. With this, they can fit snugly into position and can often finish cleanly and flush against the wall or use a mantel.
The benefit of an inset fire is that all of the elements of the fire are hidden behind the fireplace in the gap. This helps the fire to seamlessly integrate into the space, giving a sharp and professional appearance. There are many different types of inset fireplaces all giving a clean and stylish look.

Wall-mounted Electric Fires

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are ideal when floor space is at a premium, or you want your fireplace to be a focal point of the room. Wall-mounted fireplaces are light so they can be hung on the wall and give a designer appearance, perfect for contemporary décor and modern homes. With the opportunity to have just the flames glowing or have flames and heat, you can always have the appearance of a gentle, flickering fire.

Electric fires at Cast Fireplaces

At Cast Fireplaces, we have an extensive range of electric fireplaces suitable for all styles and any homes. Many of our electric fires come with a variety of colour options, such as brass, black, and silver. There are also a number of fascia types so you can always find the right look, whether contemporary or traditional, modern or classic. Explore our range of electric fires here and find the perfect fire for your home.

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