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Fibre Back or Cast Back for Gas Use

On our tiled fireplaces we offer a choice of cast iron backs or fibre backs with our fireplaces and I am often asked why as most people only offer cast iron.
The reason for this is the fact you get a better heat output from a fibre back as they reflect the heat better and do not absorb the heat like a cast iron one does.
They are exactly the same shape and size and as they are black look very similar the only difference being the material they are made from.
On our packages we send out the fibre back with our tiled fireplaces as you get a better heat output from the gas fires when fitted with this type of back, whilst not accurately measured it is stated around an extra 500 watts on a typical living flame gas fire increasing its output to around 2.5 KW.
So it makes perfect sense to use this as an option they do not cost any more and you can only benefit that your gas fire will be more efficient, the only drawback is you can then not convert the fireplace to burn solid fuel without replacing the fibre back for a cast iron one but on the other hand you would have to change the hearth too.
So another question answered and hopefully the reason why we supply this type of back fully explained.

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