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Fire safety this Christmas

Christmas is a time when we all want to feel cosy with our family and introducing flickering flames into your living environment can certainly add to the atmosphere… but they can also be dangerous too.
Candles are particularly popular at Christmas, but you must make sure that you don’t leave them unattended in the home, particularly if there are small children or pets around. Everyone wants the festive period to be memorable, but only for the right reasons.
If you want your fireplace to be the heart of the home as you open your presents, make sure that you have the flue cleaned ahead of time, particularly if it hasn’t seen much action over the year. Don’t forget that a fire guard is an important safety feature to have, as it stops wandering hands getting into the fireplace and rogue sparks getting out.
Of course, you can reduce the possible complications, but keep the warm, homely feel with the right stove. You get all the heat and light of a fire, but the doors keep everything in place and newer models are able to burn a variety of fuels without filling your home or neighbourhood with smoke.
Ensure you have a cosy, stylish and most of all safe Christmas by checking out our range at

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