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Firefox 12 to be Main Showroom Fireplace feature

Im glad to say at long last we can now have the Firefox 12 Multi Fuel Stove installed in our new showroom as the main feature of our displays.
This will be a fully working solid fuel stove with twin wall flue system to form the main feature of our new showroom.
We intend to sit this on the Barley Slate hearth with the false oak beam and Brick Chamber set as shown on page 7 in the pink gallery brochure.
This will then give us the chance to show our customers
1 The benefit and heat output from one of our woodburning stoves
2 The Barley slate hearth
3 The Brick Fireplace Chambers and Oak Beams
4 A complete installation of a wood burning stove and aslo the twin wall flue system
All these options are not available in our current factory showroom and with one of my friends selling logs a fuel source too which will be cheaper than our current heating system.
Thw Brick chamber sets since there introduction have opened up a whole new look to the area where your stove sits and having these slim bricks is an ideal way to create an authentic brick opening without the need of reducing it by using full size bricks.
So everything display wise is currently being planned around this display and im thinking of having customer seating area close to this too so you can sit back and relax in front of one of our fantastic features.
Have a look at the photo below to see what we are having as the main feature of our showroom im sure you will agree it makes a fantastic warming picture.

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