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Fireplace Gremlins are working to slow our website down

We do apologize to anyone who tried to use our website over the weekend we had maintenance work on Saturday happening and then the website was down all day Sunday which is not ideal but the work had to be done to improve the running of the Site. So if you do see any Gremlins whilst visiting us please ignore them the Gremlin Catcher is on their case.
It is up and running again this morning although certain sections are running slower than usual but our hosts are working on it as I write this article.
This little Blip has reminded me how much we rely on technology and computers to run our business and how when things go wrong people do result to using the Phone.
We have had more telephone orders for our Fireplaces over the weekend and only 1 website order by someone who must have waited ages for pages to load right in the middle of maintenance work on Saturday, Mr Edwards you deserve an award I loaded an article on Saturday and it took me nearly an hour and a half to finally get it done.
So please bear with us today we expect to have it all sorted by the end of the day and if you do wish to order just give us a ring we do like to speak to our customers and always confirm order details by phone to make sure you have ordered the right Fireplace and finish and finally to check that they all fit together if you order individual items. Over the years we have saved customers time and money by doing this and always recommend buying a full fireplace package if it works out cheaper and as Bob Hoskins used to say it’s good to talk

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