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Fireplace Maintenance

A fireplace is an item that has to be maintained to keep up its appearance and more importantly to ensure safe usage here at we offer free advice and can point customers to using the right products for the maintenance of the fireplace.
We offer various different types of fireplaces from Cast Iron to Limestone all these fireplaces are in need of regular maintenance to keep them looking in the best of order and safe to use.

Cast Iron Fireplaces are the most simple to maintain as long as they don’t get wet there is very little to go wrong with a black version. When in use for solid fuel soot deposits will form around the area that you burn the fuel in these can easily be removed with a soft brush when the fire has died out and the ash is cold. You may notice a whitening look at the back of the fireplace where the fuel is burnt this is normal and can easily be removed with soft brush. If your fireplace has the Black lead grate polish to it can be easily be reapplied to maintain the looks.

Full Polished fireplaces require more maintenance for solid fuel use as they will tarnish around the bar area when used for solid fuel use this cannot be removed and is part of the look for solid fuel use. Full polished fireplaces will draw moisture from the area and will sometimes get some rusting effect on the surface this can be simply removed using WD40 or metal polish I would recommend cleaning the fireplace on a regular basis with WD40 just spray some on a cloth and give the fireplace a quick wipe over allow to soak in for 2 minutes then buff with a clean cloth to remove excess.

Limestone fireplaces after fitting need sealing with a limestone sealer this is stop the Limestone which is very porous absorbing and moisture or dirt from spillages. We recommend our own Gallery stone sealer which is available from us and is very simple to use as the product soaks into the limestone leaving a slight sheen once applied it is full y sealed and only needs redoing once a year be sure to wipe up any spillages straight away don’t allow them to sit on the surface.

Timber Surrounds just have to be kept clean with normal furniture polish if they start to dull just use a good quality wax such as briwax to return the to there former glory apply with a brush and wipe of any excess then buff to the required finish with a soft brush or a clean cloth.

If any advice is need just email us or have a look in our Care Products section on our website this has a good selection of maintenance products to keep your fireplace in tip top shape.

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