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Fireplace Shop near Coventry tells more fairytales

Hello back again from my delivery run to the Sunny south and again today it was nice and sunny. On my way home I delivered an Amsterdam Highlighted Fireplace for solid fuel use to a customer in Cannon Hill Coventry.
Whilst unloading the fireplace she started to tell me a little tale about the trouble she had with her local fireplace shop in ordering this item.
First off he wanted her to order the Tulip Blue Ivory tiles which he had on display with this item and not the July Yellow tiles she wanted.
Anyway that’s not the good part she ordered it from them and paid a deposit with him telling her it would take two weeks to come into stock.
Now we both order gallery fireplaces from the same company and our replacement for the stock item arrived to our suppliers last week a few days after we ordered it so there was no problem with delivery.
So eight weeks later still no fireplace she contacts said fireplace centre to find out when the Amsterdam is arriving to be told that they had been burgled and the Amsterdam has been broken in the burglary and that they can’t order another for around 1 month etc.
Thinking on her feet she demanded a refund which was given promptly to be fair and after ordering it on our website last Saturday I delivered it today.
Anyway the moral of the story is why lie to your customers there was no reason it could not be delivered the customer now thinks you’re going bankrupt as you have decreased showrooms from two to one and now cannot supply fireplaces to people who want to pay you.
How strange is that you did all the difficult work but your loss is my gain thank-you very much and also our customer is very please saving over £150 and getting the item with no fuss

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