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Fireplace Tile fitting how is it done ?

How do we fit the tubeline fireplace tiles are always a question we get asked and whether the two metal strips are needed that comes with the Fireplace? STOP don’t throw them away they are the tile straps that along with the long thinner bolts and wing nuts they are needed to hold the tiles in place. We supply two different types of tiles with our fireplaces all in sets of tens such as our most popular selling set Tulip Burgundy / Ivory Tiles these tiles are supplied loose or on a fibre board depending on which Tiled Insert you have bought.
They are very simple to fit on a board and you just need to attach straps to the lugs at the back of the fireplace and slide tiles in from the top tighten up the wing nuts and the tiles are simply held in place by them don’t try to over tighten them otherwise you are liable to crack the top or bottom tile.
Loose tiles are slightly harder to fit we recommend lying them flat in pattern then turn them over and apply a few strips of gaffer tape again attach straps then slide them in again loosely tighten wing nuts till top and bottom tiles are secure pack centre tiles out with a little cardboard or filler then cement all the tiles in place from behind with a bonding plaster type adhesive make sure the pattern is straight as once it has set they won’t be moved. That’s all there is to it simple as that. Picture shows Tulip Insert with Tulip Burgundy Ivory Tiles.

Tulip Insert Tulip Burgundy Tiles

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