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Freestanding FDC Mark II Stoves now in stock

As FDC stockists at Castfireplaces we are pleased to say the new FDC freestanding Mark II stoves are now available for our customers to purchase. Now how can you improve a good stove I thought to myself I really rate FDC and the quality they produce so much so I even own one at home.
Well they have surpassed all my thinking and have really struck gold with the alterations they have made so I thought I would cover them here in our little blog.
First off they feature a new thicker steel top in fact it is 10mm thick offering a chunkier finish to it a great alteration to the stove body
The next great addition is an external riddling grate to the new multi-fuel grate fitted as standard no extra cost and ridding of the ashes can be done with the door closed
Firebricks are the next item to be changed featuring a tooled ceramic brick lining which is harder wearing then the previous fibre bricks so less running costs over time
Finally but most importantly they are now backed by a 5 year warranty giving long term piece of mind for you investment in an FDC stove.

So with all these great new features fitted as standard to the range they are firmly placed to continue “Carrying the Flame” and have really raised the bar to compete with premium brand stoves at prices that are affordable.
So take a look at our Showroom only range of FDC stoves we do keep the popular FDC5 and FDC5W in stock for customers to collect call us at Castfireplaces for any further information.

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