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Freezing weather again sat in front of the stove

Just returned from our warehouse and showroom at Langley Mill today having loaded all the vans ready for this weekend’s delivery runs to London.
It has been a very cold day and this morning I did not pick up my Castfireplaces jacket so have just been working away in a T Shirt and fleece.
So I can truly testify as to how cold it is today and now I’m back in our warm office the stove is roaring away in the middle room and I have Jaiden’s iPad on my knee tapping away writing this blog defrosting by our lovely fire.
So most of you will have some form of heating on with the current cold weather and with the weather forecasted to be below freezing this weekend it really is fire weather.
So our log store has plenty of wood and the coal bunker is still more than half full here at Castfireplaces we are well prepared for a really cold weekend.
So light your fireplaces and stoves and keep the cold weather at bay this weekend I know I won’t be moving very far away from this lovely fire for the next half hour as I continue to defrost.

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