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Which fuel is best for you?

There are a range of fuels you can use to make the flames flicker in your stove, but picking the right one for your circumstances is an important part of ensuring your enjoyment of the product.
Gas may be the chosen option for some, as you don’t have to worry about buying in wood or other fuels to keep it burning, provided you’re on mains gas, of course. Not needing to bring in and use solid fuels keeps things tidy too, although you may want to paint the artificial coals to keep them looking lifelike.
Alternatively, you may be enchanted by a primeval instinct that lures you towards burning wood. If you have your own copse, or another ready supply of wood, it’s effectively free to run, while Defra-approved stoves can be used in built-up areas because they don’t belch out lots of smoke.
That can also be true of multi-fuel stoves, which also have the added advantage of letting you burn coal, coke, peat and other suitable flammables, giving you more options if wood proves hard to come by or expensive.
Whatever kind of fuel suits your lifestyle, you’ll be able to find it by browsing

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