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Fuel Options

Damper Flap
A Simple plate to close off the flue at the top of the fireplace. It’s job is to stop a draught coming down the chimney breast or for purely decorative use. In situ a damper flap makes your fireplace look more complete.

Solid Fuel Kit
A solid fuel kit is required when you wish to burn solid fuel (real fire) this then allows the fireplace to be used for burning wood and coal, the arched fireplaces and most combinations have a damper flap that can be shut to stop draughts coming down the chimney. We also suggest purchasing when using for decorative use so you have a damper that closes and the fireplace has a grate making it look more complete.

Own Brand Gas Fire
A coal effect 2KW heat output fire with a living flame suitable for class 1 and class 2 chimneys it has two settings low and high, controls are hidden behind the ash pan cover. They have piezo starters so no power supply required.

Nuflame Gas Fire
The same as the own brand gas fire but just better quality, its better built and has a more realistic flame pattern worth the extra cost if you want a more realistic flame effect.

LPG Gas Fire
LPG is bottled gas for those that live in rural areas without mains gas. Only suitable for class 1 chimneys.

Bioethanol Fire
Bioethanol is for customers who do not have gas or solid fuel options but would like a living flame effect, they are run by bioethanol fuel which has to be poured into the reservoir, it can then simply be lit and enjoy around 2 hours of fire with no fumes or mess, and really there is no chimney required but you do require a recess into the wall.WILL NOT WORK ON A FLAT WALL.

Electric Fire
An orange bulb behind a plastic inner which is covered in real coal this sits inside the opening of the fireplace so does still need a recess into the chimney breast it WILL NOT WORK ON A FLAT WALL.
Ideal for customers with faulty chimneys or those requiring heat with no mess. They have a fan which is behind the ashpan cover so the heat will blow into the room on low or high settings when removing ashpan do not operate with ashpan cover in place it can damage the fire.

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