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Granite Hearth for a Multi Fuel Stove

Quite often we get asked here at Castfireplaces if you can use a granite hearth when fitting it below a wood burning or multi fuel stove.
I’m pleased to say the answer is yes but it’s not just any hearth the only way we will guarantee they will not crack is to section and slab them for solid fuel.
So what does this mean, basically the front hearth is cut into three sections and re-joined allowing for expansion and contraction with heat change.
You can see the joints so it looks like the hearth is basically in 3 pieces, for the inside area of your chimney breast we use 2 pieces of granite 20mm thick and level them and sand and cement at the same height as the front hearth.
Allow to set and then grout the joints this will ensure that when the hearth changes temperatures it will expand and contract without cracking.
This is the only way we will guarantee our hearths and whilst your stove may be fine on a 1 piece hearth we would not cover it under warranty when used with a stove.
So on our website we do sell the Granite Stove Hearths with front hearths in widths of 48″ x 18″ and 54″ x 18″ complete with a back section 36″ x 15″ cut in two.
So questions answered and you can have a granite hearth for a stove from us here at Castfireplaces.

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