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Help ive cleaned my cast iron fireplace with water

A woman in distress after the fitters has finished installing her fireplace decided after they had gone to clean her new cast iron fireplace and remove the dusty fingerprints from the cast decided to clean it with cold water on a cloth.
Each fireplace we supply does come with instruction leaflet explaining what to do etc. re cleaning and it does state never to wash fireplace with water.
Now I have done it to remove stubborn dirt marks but it must be dried off straight away with another clean cloth this is fine but if water is left on the surface and particularly polished surface it will start to rust.
Anyway Mrs C came into the room in the afternoon and noticed all the highlighted details on the cast had gone rusty but the matt black surface of the main body of the cast was fine and the finger prints had gone.
So she rang us for some advice simply solved I told her as the rust had not had time to get hold and would only be surface rust.
Just spray some WD40 onto a clean cloth and wipe over the polished areas NOT THE BLACK and it will come straight off.
Ten minutes later she rang back thanking me for our advice and I did mention not to clean it again with water as polished cast iron and water do not mix to well, she laughed and promised to read instructions next time.

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