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How do i care for my Slate Hearth

We do sell slate hearths here at Castfireplaces and have done so for quite a while, we mainly sell them for gas or electric use only as they are not ideal for solid fuel use due to the fact of how soft the stone is.
It can be cut and slabbed for solid fuel use if anybody really does want one.
Anyway today we have been asked the question how to remove the scratches in the slate hearth caused by dragging the ashpan cover backwards and forwards.
As I previously said slate is very soft so scratches are very common the surface of these hearths it is not from misuse it is just a very soft stone and really cannot be avoided.
All is not lost though we do sell some oil in our care products section which is ideal it is called Slate Oil
applied with a clean wrag and worked into the surface of the slate it makes the scratches blend in and when dry leaves a nice colour to the slate.
If unsure please try on the side or where the hearth will not be seen to colour test as using oil does darken the slate
each bottle has enough to do a hearth or slate surround of normal size and after treatment will also repel water so it will sit on the surface to wipe off.
So if your slate hearth or surround is looking a little tired just order a bottle of oil and in no time all will be looking great again

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