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How do i fit my Fireplace Tiles

A common question we get asked from fitters and customers is how to fit the Fireplace Tiles in our casts, it’s very simple to do so don’t throw away the 2 metal straps that come attached to the fireplaces there not excess packaging or spares as we have had people do and there is two of them they are just taped up together. We supply two types of tiles depending on which cast you have ordered some are loose in a polystyrene box others are in a cardboard box attached to two heatproof fibre boards.
The loose tiles need removing carefully from the box and lining up as shown in the brochure or on our website please bear in mind sometimes with the likes of the Jazz Tubeline Tiles that there are left and right hand panels, turn the tiles over then put a few strips of gaffer tape on and then you can lift them in a single panel.
Attach the straps loosely to the fireplace with the wingnuts and bolts supplied slide the panels in from the side and then slowly tighten the wingnuts onto the washer to tighten the tiles to the cast. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN otherwise you will crack the top or bottom tile, pack the centre tiles out from behind so they finish flush with the fireplace, check from the front that they all line up then cement them in place from behind with Dri-Wall adhesive leave to set then the job is done.
For the boarded tiles that are already attached to fibre board so you don’t have to tape them up slip them in place behind the straps and simply tighten up till they are flush with the cast, do not over tighten them again but make sure there tight enough not to move a good idea is a little bead of silicon on the straps so when its gone off there well and truly set in place. There you have it tiles simply attached inside the cast fireplace if you do need any help or further advice just contact us

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