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How do I know Stove Kilowatt Output for my Room

How do I choose the correct size stove to provide the heating requirements I want for a particular room.
All the stoves we sell have a heat output figure that is normally measure in Kilo Watts there is another which is BTU that is normally used for Radiators.
All our stoves on this website are measured in Kilowatts as are most stoves to be found on the market you will not get the figures mixed up don’t worry.
There is a simple equation we use to determine the output of a stove need to heat a specific room size all you need to do is measure your room in Metres and supply us with the Height Length and Width to determine Cubic room size.
We always ask how many windows and doors and whether it is well insulated, we are not Lloyd Grossman from thru the keyhole and being nosey, we just need to divide room size by insulation level to get the required heat to warm that room.
To view this equation and to work out the size of stove you need use our Stove Output Guide so you can simply follow it.
If the guide says you need 4.5Kw to heat a particular space and you are now browsing our stove selection don’t be tempted to buy a 5KW output stove as these are rated at maximum outputs. Go for something with a 6kw or 6.2Kw output.
Why I hear you ask?
Yes it will heat the space you require but the stove will be running flat out stoves are like cars you get better fuel efficiency running them at a slower burn so put plenty of fuel on then reduce the air intake so the stove burns slower you will get the same heat from a larger stove running at 2/3rds of its capacity as a Smaller stove running at maximum.
You will find the wood or coal does not burn as fast making it cheaper to run and you can spend more time relaxing than filling the wood basket.
Also if we do ever have a serious winter you always have the extra bonus of being able to increase the heat output for very cold nights.
All this talk of stoves has made me want to light mine I really do love a real fire there is nothing nicer

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