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How to use airwash on your Gallery Stove

An air wash system is a device that is used on our Stoves to keep the glass cleaner when you are burning a fire. Most air wash systems are adjustable on the stove and allow air to pass into the stove. The idea of this system is that air is taken in at the top of the stove and then it is heated, it then passes over the front glass off the stove to keep the flames and smoke away from the glass keeping the glass cleaner and free from soot and tar build up.
If you have a look at the picture of the Firefox 12 Multi Fuel stove shown below you will see a little handle at the top right hand side of the stove, this is the air wash control and it moves from left to right to increase or decrease the amount of secondary air entering the stove. They are adjustable so you can alter it to as what fuel you are burning.
In general terms if you are burning wood you need the air wash to be open just above ½ and the air intake around half open this is the ideal setting for burning wood if the door does start to soot up its normally due to damp wood just open air intake and adjust air wash slightly.
For Coal use we tend to suggest air wash set at ¼ to ½ and the air intake to be closed to around ¼ depending on the type of coal used. These are only experimental guides and are subject to airflow around the stove so don’t be afraid to alter either setting of the stove to obtain best heat and effiency.

Fire Fox 12 Multi Fuel Stove

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