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I can smell smoke in the bedroom is my chimney faulty

Today I think I have been asked one of the strangest questions ever in the history of Castfireplaces.
Someone came to our showroom enquiring about a Tiger Clean Burn Stove and asking if they burnt wood etc. would the smoke be reduced.
I asked if they lived in a smoke fee zone and they then replied No but when we light our coal fire I can smell smoke in my bedroom and I wondered if we had a clean burn stove would the smell go away due to it being a clean burn.
I must admit I was a little taken aback by this question and then explained that fumes from any solid fuel or gas appliance is toxic (even from a clean burn stove) and no smoke or fumes should ever be smelt coming from the chimney.
I suppose when I’ve thought about it it’s a logical question but they have gone away with a quote for a chimney lining kit and also a tiger standard stove along with the relevant flues etc.
This will resolve the problem for them and if you can smell fumes from your appliance make sure it is switched off and investigated properly.
All correctly fitted stoves and fireplaces are tested to make sure the fumes and smoke are being taken away correctly if there not please consult a professional before using the appliance again.

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