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The Importance of Decorating

Love it or hate it; most homeowners have undertaken home interior decorating at some point and no matter if we can or can’t decorate our home due to renting restrictions or cost, most of us dream of improving our home decor to suit our taste, style, personality and even to suit the house itself.
To find out more about behaviours towards decorating we conducted a survey to learn more about one of the most popular DIY projects that we undertake. The results of which were surprising.
In our survey, we looked at all of the important aspects of a decorating project, from hiring a professional to stamping our personality on a new home.

Why Do We Decorate?

People decorate for different reasons, from updating tired, outdated designs to repairing damaged paintwork, but whether we choose a minimal change or a drastic overhaul we all want our homes to be a representation of us. In fact, our homes are a gallery of our personalities and we all want to create the perfect space to live in. Decoration isn’t just an aspect of art; it is a sense of order and logic. Homes are a space of security and a place we can, largely, control. With decorating, we can bring organisation and control to our haven and can make sure that our homes work for us and make sense by our logic.
In our survey, we asked our respondents to explain their feelings when it comes to decorating, and more than half of the people surveyed told us that they would like to decorate more. In fact, 56.7% of individuals would decorate more if they could afford it, however 30% only redecorated when it was essential to do so.
We found that only 10% of respondents would redecorate to keep up with current design trends, which would lead us to the opinion that the most important factor in redecorating is to make the house more suited to home and family life, making the space personal and individual.

Moving Into A New House

One of the most obvious reasons for redecorating is when you move house, with many looking to put their own stamp on their new space, making it more than just a roof over your head. Of those surveyed, a staggering 72% had redecorated when they moved into their new home. There are many reasons why people choose to decorate a new space.
Interestingly, only 19.7% of people in our survey suggested they redecorated because it was poor quality. In a practical sense, it would make sense only to decorate when the decoration was bad quality, as we want our homes to be safe and orderly, however, our survey suggests that style and personality are more important.
While decorating because of poor quality came third in the question of why people redecorated a new home, the overriding reasons were the design was not to taste at 39.4% and design was outdated at 32.3%. The results suggest a need to personalise a space and make a mark of ownership.
For the 27.8% of survey participants that didn’t decorate their new home, we delved into the reasons behind this. With a similar reason behind the reason to decorate, choosing not to decorate was all about personal taste.
The most common reason why people didn’t decorate was that it was unnecessary as the design was already suited to their liking. While we will never know for sure, but the fact that the design already fitted the personality of the new owner is likely to have been a deciding factor in choosing that particular property.
Another popular reason for not redecorating was budget constraints with 44.9% of respondents not able to afford the cost of redecoration.


In a world of constant technology and huge amounts of inspiration available at our fingertips, it came as a huge surprise that 46.4% of those questioned still wanted to physically flick through a magazine for style and design ideas.
Social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest took second place in our poll with 31.2% of respondents finding design ideas through image sharing and mood board websites. The fact that the majority of people still look in magazines for ideas was one of the most unexpected findings in our poll and could suggest that people still prefer tangible ideas and samples from professionals, rather than what they see on screen.

DIY VS. Professionals

When it comes to redecorating your home, you can either get your overalls on, sleeves rolled up and muck in yourself, or hire an experienced professional to bring your walls to life. Of those surveyed, 84.1% had never hired a professional to decorate their home and again, the costs of redecorating were an issue with 80% of those people citing that they chose the DIY route due to budget constraints.
Those who had hired a professional were most likely to hire a painter/decorator and chose to do so because they believed the quality would be better.


We really enjoyed getting to know people’s thoughts and feelings about decorating. View our infographic to see all our findings including the following takeaways:

  • 9% of respondents would decorate more if they could afford it
  • 46.3% of respondents still relied on magazines for inspiration, but 31.3% used social media (Instagram/ Pinterest)
  • Only 15.9% of respondents had hired a professional to decorate their home, 90.2% of these hired a painter/decorator, and only 13.7% hired an interior designer
  • Of those who didn’t hire a professional, 80% responded that this was due to budget restraints.
  • Of those who hired a professional, 90% were pleased with the results.


Castfireplaces Interior Design Survey Infographic

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