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Living Room Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces can truly make a room and whatever your style there is a fireplace to suit you
While fireplaces were once just a functional necessity to heat a home, fireplaces have now become much more than that. They can invoke feelings of cosiness and warmth, without even being lit or can create a powerful style statement that sums up the interior design of the room. Fireplaces can be very versatile, with a huge range available, meaning that it is easy to find the perfect fireplace that will suit the style and layout of every living room.

Types of Fireplace

Traditionally, different types of fireplaces meant a different type of style and design feature. Wood burning stoves were seen as the epitome of country cottage and farmhouse style, whereas gas and electric fireplaces were futuristic and modern. Nowadays, you can choose the most practical and functional fireplace that suits your needs without having to compromise on your chosen style or interior finish.
The technology in fireplaces has developed considerably, from bioethanol and multi fuel to gas and smoke controlled DEFRA approved stoves; this allows everyone to get the perfect style of fireplace, without having the negotiation on the type of fire output or even the type of home they live in. With many techniques and products available, you can fit almost any fire in your lounge to get the perfect look for you. If you’re not sure of what style of fireplace would suit your home and design preferences, read on for some of our living room fireplace ideas and inspiration.

Living Room Fireplace Design Inspiration


Coloured Stoves

For a twist on the classic wood burner, opt for a contemporary multi fuel stove such as the Saltfire ST2 which comes in a range of colours. Ivory coloured stoves look fantastic and bring a lightness and brightness to the room whether it is being used or just admired. We think the cream coloured stoves look wonderful with a simple light wood fireplace beam that helps to give the room a light and airy, almost Scandinavian feel.
If you want to create a cosy, warm glow to your living room, why not try a warming red stove? The unusual and quirky colour is bound to attract lots of compliments and can truly be the centrepiece for your lounge. To truly bring the stove to the centre stage, opt for a dramatic cast iron surround or mantel to create a gothic inspired focal point. If you prefer to make less of a statement, use a timber surround and complete the red living room look with lots of cosy red furnishings such as cushions and throws, ideal for making your living room into a warm and soothing haven.

Bring the Outside In

For a rustic and charming look that is ideal for nature lovers and those who embrace the outdoors, opt for a traditional wood burning stove complete with a log store. Not only are these stoves convenient, meaning it is easy to keep the fire burning and the heat will dry out the logs, but it helps to bring a cabin-style theme to your living room. Use ski chalet design elements to create an intimate and attractive setting, ideal for nights spent curling up with a good book and burrowing down for a boxset marathon.


Perfect for Victorian or Georgian homes, tiled insert fireplaces can help to celebrate the period features of your home and the style of the building. Even if your home isn’t from the Victorian period, the Victorian-inspired interior design is a big trend and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves the fine detailing and beautifully decorated embellishments. Bring your Victorian-inspired room together with deep, rich jewel colours and bold prints and patterns.


For an ultra-modern, sleek and sophisticated living room opt for a simplistic metallic fire basket. While fire baskets can be styled with Art Deco or Victorian embellishments, a simple cast iron or chrome finished fire basket can be stunning it is simplicity. Fire baskets can be timeless in their design and can be something that you can take with you, throughout all of your design changes.
For a modern, sleek and unique style opt for a design with visual impact such as the Astra Gallery basket. This features a creative and unusual zigzag pattern that adds style to your home without being overbearing. For an uncomplicated look, opt for a design such as the Zen Gallery which features clean flat lines and minimal detail, perfect for creating spa-like tranquility in your living room.
These are just some of the many fireplace design ideas that you can experiment with in your home to not only bring warmth to your living room but to also give a fashionable and stylish appearance.

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