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Log Splitter arrives and i am at the Fireplace Factory making logs

Im like a child when it comes to new things arriving and yesterday my Log Splitter came by pallet delivery and was sitting on my drive when i got back from washing the vans at our local Valet company (Full valet in mine looks like brand new)
Anyway i was told it would arrive between 9 and 5pm there not as good as us with our 1 hour time slot and it duely arrived so i loaded it straight on to me van and rushed off to the factory to play with it.
God it was cold in there the showroom and canteen are the only places with heat in there anyway unpacked and assembled i thought right lets get one of the tree trunk rings in and give it a go
Quick read of the instructions and start it up im not joking it cracked it in to with no effort at all and i spent the next ten minutes splitting it in to fire size pieces this was so much easier than the axe attempt i tried a few days ago.
It made such short work of it i was there for around 40 miutes and split up enough to 3/4 fill a tonne bag which i loaded on my van with the forklift.
I was getting carried away thinking of all this wood to burn in my Gallery Fireplaces Tiger Plus Stove Rhian then rang to ask if i was coming back (told her i was only dropping it off) as she knew i would be playing with my new toy it was getting dark and we were going out at 6pm so i finished off a ring and added them to my bag which was now on the back of my van
So if you do want to know anymore about where i bought it from just let me know and ill point you in the right direction
1 More sleep till santas here cant wait for that too
Log Splitter

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