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Lytton and Pine Lincoln Fireplace is like changing rooms

Hi there I forgot completely to load yesterday’s article continuing the theme of Customer photos so here it is all pre written so I do not have to do one today.
We have had a few photos sent us by our customers with their fitted fireplaces and today featured fireplace is the Lytton and Pine Lincoln Solid fuel package.
For this one we actually have a before and after photo so take a look at the 1st photo shown below

BEFORE PHOTO fire place 002


This Gas Fireplace is hideous and is straight for the 1970s it even has little shelves on the side to place ornaments on I am amazed it was still working before being sent to the scrap heap.
Now take a peek at the new fireplace that was installed in its place a change from gas to solid fuel as well you may notice it is even burning away at a nice lump of wood.
This Lytton Highlighted fireplace goes very well with our plain Lincoln mantel and I am sure you will agree is a huge change of look and style in fireplace and is much more in keeping with any traditional home and with prices starting at £480 there really is no reason to put up with a fire from the past.
So if you feel like taking before and after photos and contributing to our Customer Fireplace gallery please feel free to email them and we will feature them and if you do see somebody with an outdated fire point them in our direction were just like changing rooms.


fire place 003

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