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Made to Measure Granite Fireplace Hearths

Here at Castfireplaces we supply Granite and Tiled Hearths in Standard and made to measure sizes we have offered this service since we started and it is very popular as many other companies offer just the standard range. There is nothing worse than if you have stripped wooden floors to see the concrete sub hearth underneath. We can also add the extra price of a made to measure hearth on to our package prices so you can still get a real bargain price whether your fireplace is for gas or solid fuel use. We were contacted by a Tim Renshaw from Huddersfield for a standard granite hearth and a Made to Measure Granite Hearth slab to sit inside the chimney Breast. After a few emails and a phone call the items were ordered on the 12/05/09 they arrived to us last Wednesday and were delivered early this morning. I was amazed when this afternoon a photo arrived of the hearth and the Sub hearth installed with the stove sitting on it. It has now been added to our Customer Gallery so others can see what our items look like when they have been fitted in our customer’s houses. This made to measure service for our hearths takes between 1 to 3 weeks depending on how busy hearth people are and you need to contact us so we can get you a price whether it be for gas or solid fuel use

Made To measure Granite Hearth
Hearths Supplied Made to Measure


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