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Metal Polish and Some Elbow Grease thats How

A question we get asked from time to time relates to the upkeep of our polished cast iron fireplaces and how do you the customer keep them in great looking condition.
I have become quite an expert over the years at polishing cast iron and have had plenty of practice cleaning it.
At home I have a pembroke full polish fireplace that sits in pride of place in my lounge, now having a five year old son with what seems the worlds stickiest hands I have become an expert at cleaning our plasma TV and pembroke fireplace from finger marks.
When the fireplace arrives to you it has light machine oil on it to stop it going rusty in transit this needs to be removed before fitting and WD40 will do this just fine.
WD40 is ideal for general cleaning but if left over time the finish will begin to tarnish from moisture in the air and need to be addressed with a good quality Multi Metal Polish and a good amount of elbow grease.
It is simple to apply and work in small patches do not cover the whole fireplace with it then try and remove as it does spread all over.
I would suggest using gloves and two clean cloths one for applying and 1 for removal also around the bars where most tarnishing occurs particularly with solid fuel fireplaces I always use 0000 wire wool which is for polishing and is very smooth but also slightly abrasive if you can remember think back to a brillo pad its very similar.
Apply the metal polish to the steel wool and work in circular motions wiping away excess as you go.
This should remove most of the most stubborn stains leaving you with a gleaming fireplace.
Dry and clean off with new clean cloth and rub all over to remove excess that’s it all done now sit back and relax and admire your handiwork
Simple as That

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