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Modern Fireplace Ideas

If you want to give your living room a refresh or are looking for a complete design makeover, the fireplace is the perfect place to start. Fireplaces can be the focal point of a room, and by upgrading the fireplace, you can make a big difference to modernising the whole space.
Fireplaces are often considered rustic and classic, however, it is possible to create a modern and contemporary style with your fireplace that will match your current and fashionable décor. To transform your fireplace into a centrepiece that boasts modern elegance, there are many different upgrades you can make.
Updating the fireplace so that it commands attention and gives a modern design interest to a space can be done by completely changing the whole fireplace and surround. It can also be done as smaller tasks to give the focal point a facelift such as upgrading the space with a new mantel or hearth or simply adding a new beam across the fireplace.
To transform your fireplace into a modern design bliss, consider some of these contemporary fireplace ideas and look here for further inspiration.


Henley Kingston Marble FireplaceMarble fireplaces offer a classic and sophisticated style. Marble is an extremely versatile stone that can be shaped with clean lines for an executive finish and a consistent and peaceful experience. Marble can also be beautifully carved into an intricate and fashionable design that adds intrigue and interest.
The calming colour palette of marble creates a peaceful and relaxing hue to the room, and its interesting colour components will ensure that marble will never date so that you have a modern and sophisticated fireplace at all times.
The effect of marble and its unique natural finish creates a visually stunning centerpiece in a room, which is versatile enough to be transformed into your perfect fireplace that evokes both glamour and tranquillity.


A stone fireplace is a perfect way to get an instantly cool and modern vibe. A stone fireplace can give your room an instant revamp and can create a stunning impact. Natural stone is sleek and cool thanks to its fascinating blend of colour and texture.
A light stone can create a coastal feel, thanks to its sandy texture and colours that resemble coastal cliffs. Stone fireplaces work really well with blue décor to give a bright and airy feel that resonates with beach hut style.
Stone is both beautiful in its appearance and visually appealing because of the natural imperfections and blemishes that give your room a natural look that is timeless, classic and ideal for transforming a dated room into a present-day experience.

White Fireplaces

Nothing gives a more modern update than the colour white which instantly refreshes a space leaving it fresh, clean and spacious. Incorporating white hues into your fireplace will instantly transform a drab and tired setting into a modern and stylish vision.
Using a lighter façade or white mantel of fire surround means that the fireplace doesn’t have to dominate the room, but instead can set the tone for the rest of the room for a clean and minimalistic feeling.


Limestone fireplaces
combine natural stone texture with a slightly off white colour to create a light and airy finish. A mantel made of limestone is extremely versatile;
it can allow a very minimalistic finish, with clean lines and a single texture or it can be adorned with columned legs or ornate corbels depending on your personal style.
The texture of natural stone is a designer favourite at the moment and can give your home a thoroughly modern and natural feel.

Cast Iron Mantels

While often seen as traditional and almost retro, a cast iron mantel is an excellent way to add focus thanks to its striking black appearance. The fashionable black façade can give a sophisticated and upscale look, that can be brought to live with bright, bold colours, such as elegant, yet bold coloured armchairs on either side of the fireplace.
Cast iron mantels can give help to carefully combine the balance of being both cosy and modern looking thanks to its hip black colour, yet warming texture.

Floating Beams

A simple and authentic floating wooden beam can provide and instant stylish quick-fix upgrade. It is straightforward and easy and can make your fireplace the focal point of the room as well as provide a handy shelf for decorative ornaments.
A floating beam is an excellent way to give a subtle focus to your room, without being too attention-grabbing. If you’re looking for a quick and easy upgrade to give your room a modern finish, a floating beam is ideal.

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