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New Family member appointed at Castfireplaces

As we get busier here at Castfireplaces I am pleased to say we have added another member of staff to our office and its now time for our daughter Melissa to join us here and continue our family tradition.
She is starting a Business apprenticeship as she has left school and it makes perfect sense for her to join our family business.
Rhian and Liss will be working together in the office here answering phone calls processing orders and the normal boring office stuff leaving me some more time to add to our growing website and dealing more directly with our customers.
I have already shown Liss how to use the back system of our website altering prices and changing things online something which she has picked up really quickly.
So a new voice on the phones for our customers she is learning so please be gentle with her and Rhian is always here if she comes unstuck with your questions as she learns our family trade, I’m very proud of her wanting to join us as she starts her way in the world.
Id like to wish her a huge welcome to Castfireplaces and I know over the next few you will slot in quite simply and don’t forget as im the Boss when you make a cuppa leave my teabag in and no sugar thankyou.

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