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New fireplace for harsh winter

Man has always relied on fire for warmth during the colder months and there’s something primal in us all that makes having a real fire so captivating.
We’ve had some harsh winters over the years and while you may be able to keep warm through central heating, it’s very much a passive heat – you don’t notice a radiator, and underfloor heating doesn’t have any physical presence at all.
However, with a fireplace you’re making a statement – the raw power of the flame is evocative and fascinating, and gives you something to gather around, so it’s a much more social experience than any other kind of heating you could mention.
There’s a fireplace for every size and style of home too, so you’ll always be able to find something that fits in with your taste of décor. Feel snug and cosy with a new fireplace for when the weather is harsh – check out our range at

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