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New Oak Fireplace Mantels have arrived

Well months and months ago I ordered 50 oak mantels to come into stock in a unwaxed version of our Large Corbel Mantel and also and unwaxed version of the Edinburgh.
This has been done because I have never been 100% happy with the waxed finish they previously had applied to them, I’m a big stickler for things being right and to wax oak is criminal and customers feedback tells us they prefer our oiled finish.
The oiled finish allows the wood to be seen in all its glory and oak is a beautiful timber and to hides its colours and markings with stains and wax is just wrong.
These mantels are not ones we manufacture and believe it or not they are made in China they are quite intricate and the finish on them is superb far better than many other timber mantels we have bought in the past before undertaking our own manufacture.
So these mantels are being collected next week and will be on our website as fast as we can after Daz has oiled a few of them for stock.
We take great pride in what we do here at Castfireplaces and our attention to detail getting things how they should be is second to none.
So come along and see these two new mantels in all the finish that really shows of the beauty of solid oak and those that do wax them should be ashamed of themselves

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