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Pre Cast Flue Gas Fires to Fit Cast Iron Fireplace

Here at Castfireplaces we supply a large range of fireplaces for use with gas fires and there are various different types of flues which your property may have, to avoid making a mistake it’s a good idea to seek some proper advice before ordering.
The reason for this little story is a customer of ours has ordered a Jubilee and Brompton Fireplace package for our website and chosen the Class 1 and 2 Gas fire as a fuel option.
This is perfectly fine for use in normal chimneys and those that have been lined with 5″ flexible liners; however these gas fires will not work in pre cast flues as they have a letterbox type opening and the fumes are vented through a ridge tile with a vent in.
These fireplace types are very shallow in depth and a standard fireplace will not fit into it.
A precast fire is a slimline fire version which are around 135mm in depth and are designed to work in this type of flue only, so all this has been delivered and I’ve had numerous Phonecalls and emails suggesting products that will work, we have now sorted out that a H/E Jubilee arched fireplace with a class 2 slimline fire will do the job as the fires are designed to work in a precast flue and fit within the 3″ rebate of our Brompton limestone mantel
One of the fitters we use is emailing me some instructions to pass on to her fitter as to how to seal it correctly to ensure it works and I’m pretty confident everything will be fine.
So if you are unsure as to what type of flue you have got give us a call or speak to your fitter to obtain advice it’s not always the case that something you see will work correctly

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