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The Pros and Cons of Flueless Gas Fires

A flueless gas fire could be a solution for people looking to add this kind of feature to their home. With lots of misinformation out there on the benefits and problems to do with flueless gas fires we’ve decided to put together a list of pros and cons and some other information to help you decide if this option is the right one for your home.

What is a flueless gas fire?

Having a flueless fire installed basically means that your fire will not have a flue. With no chimney or any pipes, the flueless fire will operate without both and the emissions from the fire will leave from the top or front. This type of fire burns fuel very cleanly and so the addition of a flue is just not necessary. A flueless gas fire is not to be confused with a balanced flue fire as they are different and include flue pipes and installation can be costly.
They can be much more convenient to install than other fire types and because of the way they operate can be much cleaner and could even help people prone to allergies.

Flueless Gas Fires Pros and Cons

Here we examine the advantages and disadvantages of flueless gas fires. These lists should help you to establish if this solution is a good one for you. In short, a flueless gas fire can be a cost-effective and energy efficient but this may depend on the circumstances and the requirements of use. The lists below may help you decide.


  • A flueless gas fire uses gas that is inexpensive with the lowest kW per hour price.
  • This kind of appliance is very cheap to run and could costs as little as 9p per hour for a 2.0kw flueless fire.
  • As a flueless gas fire doesn’t have a chimney or any flue pipes there are lower costs to install this type of appliance. It could also keep your home warmer for longer even when not in use as heat isn’t escaping out of a chimney or flue.
  • Usually, a flueless gas fire is an easier installation, particularly a model that is a manual wall mounted one.
  • No heat loss via chimney so a flueless fire can be considered 100% energy efficient.
  • With lots of different styles and designs of flueless fires, there is a great deal of choice available. These can vary from wall mounted fires to built-in options as well as traditional stove installations.
  • Flueless gas fires come with a safety device that shuts off the fire in the event of an air blockage or another safety risk. This can give reassurance to those choosing a flueless fire.
  • Flueless fires are extremely reliable and one of the safest options out there. This is due to the stringent CE regulations place upon manufacturers of this kind of fire.
  • Location of a flueless fire can be on an internal or external wall. There are no limitations like chimney position to consider.


  • Flueless fires require an air vent leading from the room where it is located to the outside. Depending on the size of the kW heat input dictates how large the air vent needs to be. Low costs air vents can cause a draft or noise problems but this shouldn’t be a problem when purchasing a good quality air vent.
  • The room in which the fire is to go in requires a window that opens to the outside. As flueless fires have no thermostat this is the only way to reduce room temperature.
  • A flueless fire can only be used with other heat sources as well. It is not possible to use as the primary heating supply. There must be radiators or another heat source to enable installation.
  • For flueless fire designs that use a catalytic converter to lower emissions, there needs to be a glass front. Depending on the supplier it may be possible to have a design that doesn’t require this.
  • Glass screens on flueless fires can become discoloured as time moves on. The glass can also become extremely hot and so care is needed if using the fire with children present.
  • Typically there is a minimum room requirement of around 40m3 in order to use a flueless fire.
  • Any air vent should be situated in excess of 1m away and can never be obstructed by any objects or plants from the inside or outside.

Safety Considerations for Flueless Gas Fires

Always consider the safety implications of any gas installation which is why we would recommend always using a reputable company for fitting and servicing. If you are looking for a suitable flueless gas fire please visit our page for more information and flueless fire designs 

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