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Real oak beams being added to Castfireplaces Website

So when fitting a stove in a traditional type setting there is nothing better than having a traditional wooden beam sat above the opening it really finishes the look off.
So with so many of our customers requesting a real beam instead of the false oak beam we currently supply Castfireplaces has decided to source these and offer them for sale on our website we have managed to source a fantastic supplier very local to us and all we have to do is plane and sand the fronts and then finish them in our oil.
This will ensure our customers have a finished product ready to install into the chimney breast we have ordered them into stock with widths of 48″ 54″ and 60″ they are 7″ aprrox depth and around 3″ to 4″ thick so will sit nicely on a brick and protrude into the room.
They will need a concrete lintel behind them to support the chimney breast but once fitted you would never know these are due into stock the second week of March and we will be having stock of them at our warehouse, we will also be adding a range of shelves using the same material as customers have asked about these items too.
As we manufacture wooden surrounds it’s no problem at all apart from the dreaded time to add these items to our product range.
So if you do require a traditional oak beam for your stove or fireplace check back soon I’m sure we will have what you require

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