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Rebate Closure strips for use with Limestone Mantel

When using a Limestone Fireplace Mantel for fitting around a fireplace opening with a stove in normally you would use it with a set of slips or fireboard etc. to make it work correctly.
But what if you wish to use the original opening in your fireplace you will need to buy some Limestone Closure Strips take a look at the photo and I’ll explain why.
As you can see the outer legs are longer than the inner legs by 75mm which is what we call the rebate this is required when fitting a cast iron fireplace.
To use on an opening around a stove or fireplace opening you will need to use a set of agean limestone closure strips, these are simply 3 strips of limestone 75mm deep and made to the dimensions of the mantel you are purchasing.
All you need to do before fitting is to marble glue them onto the legs of the mantel so the mantel then has no rebate.
This will ensure the mantel fits flush to the wall so you will not see down the side of the mantel legs giving a much neater finish.
You can purchase these on our website when ordering your limestone mantel and the normally take around 1-2 weeks for them to be made and will be delivered with your mantel.


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