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Removing rust from a polished fireplace

This is a topic both myself and Darren have become an expert in this last week at.
As we have been constructing a new showroom and moving our fireplace displays across to the new building this week we have been polishing them as we install them into their new home.
Now as there has been no heating on in Unit 3 it has been a little cold to say the least and the cold damp weather seems to have had a rusting effect on our polished and highlighted fireplaces so much so a huge amount of time this week has gone into repolishing and making them look like they should again.
Anyway I can honestly say the Multi Metal Polish we sell on our website really does the trick and used with a nylon scourer or 0000 grade wire wool fetches the rust off in no time.
This is a little time consuming but to be truthful well worth the elbow grease our cast iron fireplaces are now shining like never before.
This process does need to be done in your home as the cast will draw moisture from the air so the damper and colder your house is the more often it will want doing.
For normal cleaning conditions we use WD40 sprayed onto a rag which will clean and protect the polished parts of your fireplace do not use it on black surfaces.
If you do have some heavy rust spots I can honestly recommend the metal polish we have not found any rust it cannot remove this week and that comes straight from experience I really do have confidence in all our care products.

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