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Repairing a chip in a Limestone Fireplace

How to repair a chip in a limestone mantel is not as difficult as some would have you believe and is a job than can be simply done by anybody.
Limestone is a soft natural stone and is machined to form our limestone fireplaces, it’s not a smooth stone so does have flaws and fossils and can chip quite easily.
The good thing about limestone is the fact it can be sanded and filled very simply and no expert polishing is required to return it to its natural state.
So if you do have a chip you need to use some Marble Glue and mix it with some fine sanded limestone dust to form a filler paste.
Apply this to the chip and then allow to dry and then simply sand back into shape with a nibbing block of fine sand paper.
After this has been done you will have a pretty invisible repair all that need to be done then is to seal the limestone with a limestone sealer.
The same can be done to edges that are chipped or even in the worst case if you have broken a piece it can be reglued using marble glue and a filer applied to the crack covering most of the damage.
Don’t be afraid of sanding the limestone your fitter will have done this before sealing the mantel it’s quite normal and if you require any further advice please contact us

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