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Replacing cracked glass in a stove

Although stove glass is able to withstand temperatures in the hundreds of degrees centigrade, it may sometimes crack, but it’s easy enough for you to replace yourself.
If possible, remove the door from the stove, and whether that’s possible or not, make sure you give the door a good clean before you start so that you don’t get filthy while you’re replacing the glass.
Each stove is slightly different in the way that it holds in the glass, but they generally have similar clasps. These need to be released in order to change the glass, but be careful as broken sections could fall out once their fasteners have been taken off. If the clasps are stiff, a bit of WD40 should help loosen them.
Once the glass is out, check the seal between the glass and the door, which is usually formed by a stove rope. This could have become broken or frayed over time, so you may want to replace this too. Be careful when reattaching the clasps as you don’t want to break your new glass.
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