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Sealing a limestone fireplace

Limestone fireplaces look great in any room, but you need to make sure you look after yours so that it doesn’t become darkened as a result of soot or smoke.
That can happen as limestone’s a porous material, meaning that the dirt can get into your mantelpiece and make it look less appealing. However, you can keep it pristine with just a little bit of elbow grease and some stone sealer.
All you need to do is clean the area so that you don’t seal in any dirt by accident. A brush can get rid of most of it, but if you rub a damp cloth over it, that’ll help to pick up anything you’ve missed.
Once it’s thoroughly cleaned, you can liberally apply the right sealer for the limestone with a paintbrush or rag. Make sure the room’s well ventilated when you do it and allow the sealer to dry totally before putting anything back on your fireplace.
Not only will the limestone now be protected, but it’ll have a sheen to it that helps to show off its natural brightness and reflect the dancing flames of your fire.

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