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Stove Hearths and Slip sets are in stock at Castfireplaces

So not the ideal time for stove related items as the weather starts to warm up but we have finally added our new range of Granite Stove Hearths to our website.
Cut and slabbed for solid fuel use they are ideal for using when a stove is sitting inside the chimney breast in a typical T shaped design using a front hearth and a separate sub hearth.
The front hearths are available in two sizes 48″ x 18″ and 54″ x 18″ which match the majority of our mantels so you can easily use them to form your perfect hearth.
We also have in stock readymade granite slips with a typical 3″ on show return used to hide the rebate on our timber and limestone mantels and also for use when the opening is smaller than the limestone or timber mantel sizes.
Of course Castfireplaces has these in stock as usual for our fast turnaround delivery and can supply straight off the shelf if you wish to collect.
We will still to continue to offer our made to measure bespoke service for all granite hearths and slip sets so if we do not have the perfect size for you or prefer a made to measure item to fit perfectly without any work just contact us.

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