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Stove need moving forward no problem for Castfireplaces

So you want to install a multi fuel or wood burning stove and your liner or flue exit is very close to the rear of the chimney breast and without angling a flue pipe this always causes a problem.
Castfireplaces now has an affordable solution to this problem instead of buying 2 45 degree angles and a 250mm piece of flue liner which costs around £130 we now have an Offset Flue Pipe which is far more reasonable at £69.
These are a one piece flue pipe so they are also far more rigid and offer a great alternative for this problem they have been listed on our website today and are due into stock early next week in time for “Heating Season” when sales of stoves just go stupid.
So we have been looking for this type of flue for a while now and are very pleased to have found it at a good price for our customers.
So if you do have a problem fitting a stove with a tight flue and do not want to use the rear flue option take a look at our Offset Flue pipe I’m pretty sure it will be what you are looking for.
They are available in 5″ and 6″ sizes and are a perfect colour match for all our existing flue pipes available on our website.

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