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Strange smell coming from my new stove

On our website we sell the Gallery Fireplaces range of stoves and also the Carron range which are very popular so I am surprised I have not covered this topic before it has been prompted this morning by a customer’s phonecall.
During the tempering process which we wrote an article on last week the stove will give off a strange hot smell which is pretty horrible to be truthful as I have just finished tempering our Firefox 12 at the showroom I know exactly how horrible it smells.
It is quite normal for the smell to last for around 2 days basically it is the paint hardening and sometimes gives off a little smoke too.
So the Firefox 5 Stove we had delivered to our customer in Weymouth has been fitted over the weekend and the customer was lighting it today for the 1st time.
After a short amount of time it started to smoke a little and as it got warmer it started to smell, not having owned a stove before she rang us straight away wondering what to do.
After I had put her mind at rest she was quite happy and just opened the windows and closed the door to the room it’s in and left it to smoke away.
So if you do order a new fireplace or stove from us when first using it is quite normal for them to smoke and smell but it soon stops and then you can really enjoy your new fireplace.

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