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The Worst case of soot in a chimney i have ever seen

I was sat in my office this morning have a good tidy up installing new printer and pc we have had delivered so we now will have another workstation set up as i am going to spend alot more time in the office as we have new driver starting.
Anway my mobile rang and it was Matt our local fitter who i know was doing a job in Ripley as our customer had collected a Firefox 5 Stove yesterday.
Anyway it went Mark have you got a 1000mm length of flue pipe in stock as the length the customer has is to short.
So off i went to the workshop and dropped it in to Victoria Road on the way back, when i arrived matt seaid come and have a look at this.
Wondering what he was going to show me on came his torch and pointed it through the soot door which was in the entry.
Swear words came out of my mouth i could not believe it it was as if someone had pebble dashed the inside of his chimney with soot and tar.
God knows how that had not caused a chimney fire it really was that bad, it was even running out of the soot door where it had become hot and had started to melt and run down.
The owner said he had even had his chimney swept which amazed me.
Now i am not 100% sure how to deal with this i have google searched it and it is called glazed creosote which can be removed only bu chemicals it says it is impossible to remove by brushing alone.
As i had a handfull of this shiny black stuff i can testify that to be true it would never come off hjust brushing it.
So Matt has advvised him not to use the new stove until a profeesional sweep has taken a look and a course of action agreed.
Im glad i called in it really opened up my eyes to how bad a flue can get it just goes to show what will happen to your flue without regular maintenance.

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